Long Beach Sustainable Business Network Members

Tom Bowman
Bowman Change, Inc.

“I keep meeting people who use their small businesses to tackle huge social challenges. We all benefit when we give these innovators a larger voice.”

Bowman Design Group, which Tom founded in the 1980s, received international recognition for saving money while slashing its carbon footprint by 67% in less than two years. A social entrepreneur from the get go, Tom passed the firm to an employee and founded Bowman Change, Inc. to help other businesses achieve similar results and work on climate and health-related communication projects. He pursues communications projects with government agencies, research organizations, museums and aquariums. Tom is author of The Green Edge and numerous articles, he is an award-winning creative director, and a frequent public speaker.

“LBSBN is about people who live what they care about through their businesses. It’s inspiring.”

Dean Heiss
Partneur, Inc.

“Having completed CSULBs MBA program, focused on sustainability, I am able to lead the transformation of the electric power industry towards a cleaner energy grid to reduce the threat of climate change and improve public health related to air quality.”

A manager at Southern California Edison with numerous professional certifications, Dean is among the industry thought-leaders implementing innovative solutions to address climate change. A founder of the CSULB College of Business Administration (CBA) Incubator, Dean mentors local entrepreneurs and is an active board member at Partneur Inc.

“Building sustainable business models that address our most critical problems is essential for our success.”

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Kat Janowicz

“I founded 3COTECH to help develop and execute strategies that will ensure our clients and their partners can efficiently and sustainably move people and goods: on land, at sea, in the air, and soon—in space. And we help navigate the complex 3-way junction between Energy, Transportation, and Global Trade.”

Kat complements organizations’ strategies by assessing lifecycle risks and opportunities related to innovative technology, resilience and long-term asset sustainability. She not only advises clients on technical, commercial, and strategic issues but also helps them build and maintain strong partnerships. Kat is a “big-picture” thinker, not afraid to use her extensive industry experience to challenge the status quo. She is also a frequent speaker and active member of trade associations and serves on nonprofit boards.

“I relish offering personal support to other businesses within LBSBN network, providing them with strategic business advice and feedback, facilitating introductions, and supporting them in expanding their market reach.”

Wade Martin, Ph.D.
California State University Long Beach

Dr. Wade Martin is Professor of Economics and Director of the Institute for Innovation & Entrepreneurship at California State University, Long Beach. He works primarily in the area of risk analysis related to business development and sustainability for local economic development. He has worked on projects for Downtown Long Beach Alliance, CalRECYLES, the World Bank, U.S. Agency for International Development, the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation, the USDA Forest Service, the US Environmental Protection Agency, the Government of Indonesia and has been a visiting scholar at Harvard Institute for International Development.

“The LBSBN is a perfect fit for the startup companies our Institute works with. Developing a business considering not only profits but also the impact it has on the community and the environment is fundamental to the Institute’s core beliefs.”

Osunkoya Chavon
Ośunkoya Chavon
Long Beach Grocery Cooperative

“We need many perspectives on what sustainability means to different communities in order to truly be sustainable.”

Ośunkoya joined the team of a start-up grocery cooperative to bring programming and content about health, education, and sustainability to owner-members and future customers in Long Beach. Eliminating plastic waste, encouraging recycling, and fostering awareness about food sourcing are some of the main missions of the Co-op.

“The LBSBN and the Co-op are both working to set a foundation of awareness on how residents of Long Beach can have a more wholesome outlook on their daily habits.”

Brian Budzinksi
Partneur Inc.

“We believe a great idea, or the next big thing, should have the potential to change the world, regardless of where the idea comes from or how lucky the creators are in having connections.”

Brian co-founded the College of Business Administration Business Incubator at Long Beach State University, where he continues to volunteer, and went on to co-found Partneur Inc. to support entrepreneurs with mentorship and connection to resources to help their ideas become viable enterprises.

“By chance, our team found each other through education and networking. Not every entrepreneur has that opportunity. That’s why we are happy to be part of the LBSBN.”

Laura Kovary
Environmental Maritime Services

The maritime industry has historic ties to Southern California and I enjoy being part of our dynamic seaport complex, and working to improve maritime safety, security, and our environment.

With an Unlimited Tonnage Master’s License and an MS in Maritime Management, Captain Kovary has sailed onboard tankers, freighters, container and passenger ships. Laura is principal of Environmental Maritime Services, which consults for the oil and maritime industries on training, port security, and environmental issues and offers ISO and IMO audits. Laura teaches through the UCLA Extension, and is a member of the Los Angeles/Long Beach Harbor Safety Committee, former Chair of the MTS Maritime Safety and Security Committee and helped update the Los Angeles/Long Beach Port Emergency Dispersal Plan.

“With a sound understanding of the challenges we face, we must educate youth and our workforce in order to make the best decisions for our future.”

Clay Sandidge
Muni-Fed Energy and Sandidge Consulting, Inc.

“The evolution of clean energy is a hands-down win-win for consumers, the local economy and a healthier environment.”

Clay is a founding principal at Muni-Fed Energy, which engages with public agencies and private industry in the alternative and renewable energy arena. He brings thirty years of experience to new technology development and deployment including solar, micro-wind turbines, thermal energy storage, energy efficiencies in LED lighting, green business management, and innovative financing. Clay also leads the Community Choice Energy Working Group, which is exploring ways to accelerate clean and low-carbon energy development through a non-profit power purchasing entity in Long Beach.

“I’m involved with the Long Beach Sustainable Business Network because entrepreneurs who are early adopters can help make building toward a cleaner, healthier mainstream.”

Dec 6, 2017
Ingrid Martin, CBA, Director Graduate Programs
College of Business Administration Portraits. 

Mandatory Credit: Sean DuFrene / Photographer
Marketing and Communications
Long Beach State University
Ingrid M. Martin, Ph.D.
California State University, Long Beach

“I believe that one of the critical paths to sustainability is to teach the next generation the impact of our choices on society, the earth and ourselves.”

Ingrid is a professor of marketing and director of graduate programs for the College of Business Administration. She focuses primarily on teaching about sustainability through an integrated set of courses with a team of MBA program faculty. Ingrid has published on social marketing topics including risk communication, maladaptive behaviors in disaster mitigation and consumption practices. She serves on the editorial review boards of three academic journals and as a reviewer for numerous journals in marketing, public policy, and environmental management. Ingrid is on the advisory board for the Institute of Innovation and Entrepreneurship, integrating sustainability into support for new business development.

David Perzynski
Efficiency Hero Consulting

Efficiency Hero Consulting brings experience in energy efficiency upgrades and utility auditing to residential and commercial clients in the Long Beach Area. EHC has worked extensively with statewide certification programs, such as Energy Upgrade California and ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager and helps property owners find cost-effective upgrades.

“Having a network of local, green-focused Long Beach organizations is extremely valuable. It creates a powerful resource for other businesses to ‘go green,’ and gives residents a reliable and trustworthy support base. There is no greater honor than having the opportunity to make our neighborhood better. That’s why Energy Hero Consulting is part of the LBSBN.”

Damon Lawrence
Long Beach Grocery Cooperative

“I became interested in food cooperatives when I stumbled into the Alberta Food Co-op while on a family trip to Portland, Oregon. That was my first exposure to a new model.”

The concept for the Long Beach Grocery Cooperative arose out of concerns about the alarming number of grocery store closures and the lack of access to natural food markets in many areas of Long Beach. Damon spent four years researching food co-op models and co-ops in general.

Cooperatives and cooperative principals will play a big role in our new economy. I think the Co-op will be a great asset to the community and an example of a truly sustainable grocery market.

Dana Buchanan
Primal Alchemy Catering

Real food is our passion. We grow it, we forage it, we handcraft it with skill.

After building a successful commercial office furniture and design business for twenty years, Dana changed directions. With her partner, she co-founded Primal Alchemy, the first chef-owned catering firm focused on local, seasonal cuisine using sustainable logistics. Earning recognition from the City of Long Beach as a green and water-savvy business was a natural fit with the firm’s philosophy. Primal Alchemy executes events from San Diego to Santa Barbara for a range of high profile corporate, institutional and non-profit clients.

The earth does not belong to us, we belong to the earth. We are guests here and we should act like it.

Ana Salatino
Ana Belén Salatino

“I am standing for a conscious life, for celebrating diversity, for responsibility, integrity, connection in community, for opportunities to help each other, and for all-around heart-led living.”

As a creative entrepreneur, Ana midwives clients through the process of developing brand identities, websites, and business systems that connect entrepreneurs more clearly with their truest values and life purpose. Design services include a wide range of related graphic applications and virtual tools. Ana’s work supports energetic, engaged thinkers and doers with excellence in communications.

“Our highest purpose is to put our creativity and wisdom to use as we explore new ways of living in harmony and being uniquely ourselves.”

Jay Penev & Jodine West
Fine Feathers Kombucha Co.

We literally grew out of our home kitchen and our love for tea and fermented things.

Leaving careers in food service, higher education and music, Jay and Jodine founded Fine Feathers Kombucha Co. in 2012 to produce high quality, hand-crafted kombucha for retailers throughout Southern California. The company has a reputation for only releasing top-quality products, building artisan production around sustainable energy, waste-recycling practices, and water efficiency techniques and fostering a community of local home brewers who share similar passions.

We want to be a role model for how to do business ethically and sustainably and show others that you can be both profitable and environmentally-aligned. And being sustainable-minded helps us sleep better at night, too.

Ryan Serrano
Ryan Serrano
Earth Steward Ecology

If we’re successful there won’t be a need for us anymore.

Ryan is the founder and owner of Earth Steward Ecology, a firm that specializes in designing and building native habitats, food productive gardens, rain water catchment systems, and greywater recycling systems. The company takes a holistic approach to improving the places people live in order to restore urban ecosystems and create regenerative human settlements. The company is raising the standard of “business as usual” to encourage social, economic, and ecological health.

The goal isn’t just to build more aesthetically pleasing landscape, but to integrate systems that regenerate our urban habitat.

Cyndy Fowler
Coastal Catalyst

If we can connect conscious consumers, mindful businesses, and nonprofits with one another in Long Beach, the speed and magnitude of change will be increased exponentially.

Cyndy left a career in merchandising and fashion apparel to co-found Coastal Catalyst, a non-profit that publishes a guide that presents like-minded organizations to Long Beach Area consumers and tourists. Coastal Catalyst publishes a resource for finding products and services with a commitment to better health, a cleaner environment, and a more connected and equitable social fabric.

“We call them ‘innerpreneurs.’ Their creativity as change agents will be part of the catalyst for positive change.”

Jay Dysart

“I am really interested in the growth of Long Beach and have been helping get arts and creative ventures off the ground that I hope will enrich the city.”

Jay transitioned from a career in theatrical acting and directing to found JLoop about twenty years ago. His company creates mobile apps, solving complex problems to bring elegant and delightful experiences to users. JLoop acquired a LEED gold-certified facility and works with their vendors to promote sustainable operations end-to-end. Jay is also part of the Long Beach Landmark Theatre Company, a growing arts organization that produces high quality musical theater downtown.

“I am motivated by the world we are handing to our children, and culture is critical to our identity. It’s good to engage with networks that emerge organically from the heart of Long Beach.”

LaSalle Dinner Zoomed
Steve Sutton
TransparentSea LLC

“I’ve learned first-hand that seafood production, wild harvesting, processing, and distribution operate at great cost to the planet and human health.”

Steve has spent his career as a fisheries biologist for NOAA and then as an international consultant for private aquaculture projects around the world. His startup, TransparentSea, is a sustainable shrimp and seaweed farm that is based on over fifteen years of R&D on a scientifically robust, recycling-based, indoor production system. The company aims to change the way the world produces shrimp, starting with efficient technology and consumer education in Long Beach.

“My plan is to educate and entertain with things like seminar dinners, science camps, educational multimedia, and eventually a you-catch-it, we-cook-it shrimp fishing experience.”

Kathleen Irvine
Blue Gecko Design

Education and design of sustainable, appropriate landscapes just go together.

Kathleen is a designer, horticulturist, teacher, writer, and former ballerina. Her company, which specializes in drought tolerant, organic, and sustainable landscapes, has been responsible for beautiful exterior and interior design throughout Los Angeles and Orange Counties since 1991. Of note, she led the build out and curriculum of the New City Charter School Farm in downtown Long Beach. She teaches and consults for the Long Beach Water Department and for the Niemes Elementary Magnet School of Environmental Science and Technology, where she manages a one-acre California native plant, fruit and vegetable garden.

It’s a delight to help people discover how beautiful gardens can provide healthy food too.

Stephen Groner
S. Groner Associates, Inc

Stephen Groner is the founder of S. Groner Associates (SGA) a marketing and research firm that designs communications specifically targeting environmental and community issues. The firm has received many honors for its work including recognition by the Public Relations Society of America for the best public service campaign in the country for a public health campaign for the US Environmental Protection Agency. Steve also is very active in the community and serves on the board of three other non-profits, Friends of Ballona Wetlands, Social Venture Partners and the US Green Building Council’s Advisory Board for Zero Waste/Sustainability. In Long Beach, Steve serves on the Board of the Downtown Long Beach Business Alliance and is a part of the City’s Climate Action and Adaptation Plan Business Working Group.

Leah Hanes
Leah Hanes, PhD.
Two Bit Circus Foundation

It’s important that we inspire kids to be creative with a sensitivity for environmental stewardship.

Leah brings to this challenge experience in the entertainment industry, producing programs covering the environment, business, and politics, and an award-winning series that profiled women in non-traditional roles. She is the Executive Director of the Two Bit Circus Foundation, a nonprofit educational organization designed to cultivate the next generation of inventors, advance environmental stewardship, and spur community engagement. Combining the inspiration of Two Bit Circus with castoff materials from hundreds of manufacturers, the organization’s programs help students learn STEAM education and innovation skills while inspiring critical and creative thinking.

Ann Lee Carpenter
Ann Lee Carpenter
Braid Theory

“In every aspect of our business, we seek to prove that collaboration works.”

As co-founder of Braid Theory, Ann brings more than 30 years of experience in strategic planning, marketing, business development, and community outreach in private industry, nonprofit organizations, and as an entrepreneur. Braid Theory, a strategic consulting firm, connects technology entrepreneurs with industry to build opportunities for market traction and growth. Ann is primarily responsible for partnership building with public entities including ports, utilities and transportation agencies; and private industry. Ann has served as an advisor, coach, and mentor to entrepreneurs in industries including transportation and goods movement, clean tech, energy, and marine/ocean tech. In her former position as Director of Marketing for PortTech Los Angeles, she built the brand identity and led outreach efforts to connect entrepreneurs to market opportunities. Her areas of expertise also include grant and proposal writing, fundraising, event production, executive training, communication and public relations.

Greg Alexander
Muni-Fed Energy

I live and work in Long Beach. I breath the air here and so does my family.

Greg joined Muni-Fed Energy, Inc. as Vice President and serves as the firm’s Chief Operating Officer. Much of his 20-year career has been focused on the goods movement and power generation industries. Greg has been involved in emission reduction and electrification strategies for ocean going vessels, cargo handling equipment, and on-road trucks. As COO for Muni-Fed, Greg is responsible for ensuring the organized delivery of services to Muni-Fed’s clients. A registered civil engineer, Greg holds a BS in Biology from Harvey Mudd College and a MS in Environmental Engineering from the University of Southern California.

“I’m passionate about the next generation. Whether it’s mentoring high school kids, advising college students, or coaching youth rugby, getting engaged with our future leaders is inspiring. LBSBN is nurturing the next generation of inspiring businesses.”

stellas pic (1)
Stella Ursua
Green Education Inc.

On any given day, you will find me working in underserved communities, connecting families to clean energy and energy efficiency programs and services.

Through outreach and community engagement efforts, Stella’s organization connects thousands of residents to the education and services needed to address sustainability and environmental health issues. Green Education Inc, where Stella serves as president and interim executive director, partners with municipalities and community-based stakeholders to educate, revitalize, and transform communities into green sustainable neighborhoods, create healthy and energy efficient homes, good green jobs and a burgeoning green economy.

I joined the LBSBN to find partners who are willing to work on climate change and sustainability initiatives in environmentally disadvantaged communities.

Sinara Sagn
United Cambodian Community

My grandma once told me that doing business is a way to support an individual and his or her family financially, yet it is also a way to contribute to the community. As business people, we shall be open-minded to adapt to change and be responsible to our planet earth.

United Cambodian Community, where Sinara is a Business Navigator, is a non-profit organization that is focused on the well-being of the community and advocates for changes. As a Business Navigator, Sinara supports and promotes small, growing businesses by connecting them to available resources and educating them about ways to adapt to change through the workshops and networking opportunities that help them contribute more to the community.

Ruth Meghiddo
Ruth Meghiddo
Meghiddo Architects, Farm Urbana

Ruth is an architect and permaculture design consultant in Long Beach, whose mission extends beyond her own company’s work. Ruth brings her background in architecture and urban design to challenge of creating sustainable urban environments that grow nutritious food, help people share and learn resilience skills, cultivate community interests, and rejoice in nature. Eco-friendly garden systems based on permaculture design minimize space, labor, energy, and water needs and reduce transportation pollution and pressure on agricultural land.

“When a community can partner with nature through creating urban farms, it, by default, becomes more resilient during times of economic and environmental struggle.”

A.P. “Stas” Magaronis
Santa Maria Shipping

“Linking Northern and Southern California by a “Marine Highway 5” could eventually shift 1,800 trucks off Southern California freeways every day. Think of cutting that much traffic and air pollution.”

Stas, who is logistics manager for Santa Maria Shipping, has been working to build small, hybrid container ships to move cargo from the Ports of San Pedro Bay to Northern California. Stas worked as a campaign aid to San Francisco Mayor George Moscone, a writer for the San Francisco Study Center, and a community organizer for the Arkansas Community Organizations for Reform Now (ACORN). He became a merchant seaman at age fifteen and also worked in shipyards in Spain and Japan. He is California Ports Reporter for the American Journal of Transportation and has contributed to numerous maritime policy decisions and industry publications.

“Reducing shipping costs and cleaning up our air just makes sense.”

Faviola Ochoa
Southern California Gas Company

Faviola is a Public Affairs Manager with SoCalGas. She serves as the company liaison with government and community stakeholders for the South Bay, Long Beach, San Pedro Bay ports, and LA Harbor areas. Faviola has more than 15 years of experience working on a broad range of complex issues including energy, land use development, environmental remediation, health care, wastewater, regulatory issues, and infrastructure projects. She has extensive knowledge and experience in strategic communications, stakeholder engagement, crisis communications, media relations, and campaign management. A native of Los Angeles, Faviola earned a B.S. in International Studies from the University of La Verne, and a Master’s degree in Communications Management from the University of Southern California.

Julianna Roosevelt
Environ Architecture, Inc. & Roosevelt Design Studio

“I work to empower ideas through design to apply ecological thinking to urban environments.”

Julianna comes to Environ Architecture with twenty years of experience designing and consulting in the landscape of private gardens and public spaces here in Southern California and internationally. Roosevelt Design Studio combines site-specific planning, research and documentation with the latest in drought tolerant plant choices reflecting the diversity of our Mediterranean climate. Julianna’s gardens are innately personal in nature. Her commercial work creates highly functional spaces with thematic design incorporating new and or existing architectural styles as appropriate. Julianna serves on the Cultural Heritage Commission of the City of Long Beach and volunteers for the Blu Butterfly Homeless Veterans Project.

“LBSBN gives me a voice to advocate and support our city as we recalibrate for sustainability. Working together we all become a vital part of this transformation.”

Pete Marsh
Citizen’s Climate Lobby

“Solving the climate crisis requires transitioning over 10% of U.S. and global GDP from fossil fuels to renewable electricity; distributing that electricity to our homes, businesses, and vehicles requires smart, coordinated investment and planning by business, government, and residents.”

Pete founded Vector Green Power and Materials to design and build commercial and residential solar and battery systems, after previously serving 25 years’ active duty in the Coast Guard. He was also a regional leader with defense contractors Booz Allen Hamilton and Truestone LLC. Pete holds BS and MS degrees in Marine Science (US Coast Guard Academy) and Telecommunications Systems Management (Naval Postgraduate School). He’s a climate policy advocate with Citizens’ Climate Lobby, and works locally to #ElectrifyYourHometown.

“A national, economy-wide price on carbon is the best way to stimulate the energy transition, both locally and globally.”


We pledge to go beyond mere regulatory compliance in order to fulfill these aspirations:

Stabilize Our Climate

We will try to eliminate greenhouse gas emissions from our business operations and make our businesses as climate-resilient as we can.

Clean Our Environment

We will try to eliminate toxic pollution; waste; energy, water and resource overuse; and other types of environmental harm that result from our business operations.

Enhance Our Urban Ecosystems

We will help restore vibrant and resilient urban ecosystems at our facilities and in the wider community.

Educate Our Peers

We will share our knowledge, discoveries, and expertise as we innovate to achieve our aspirations.

Enhance Our Economy

We will actively promote a rich and diverse economic fabric in our local community.

Foster Basic Decency

We will defend, protect, and promote the rights and dignity of our employees and everyone in our community.

Enrich Our Civic Life

We will share our knowledge and values with the public and enliven the civic life of our community through civil discourse.


We are an informal bottom-up Network with minimal structure. Our goal is to foster a growth process that is inclusive, yet efficient, possibly leading toward establishing a formal entity in the future.

We meet monthly to share perspectives, make decisions, and discuss collective actions.

We speak to the local press, elected representatives, city administrators, and our neighbors about our aspirations and selected policy issues.
We identify, explore, discuss, and decide whether to support or oppose public policies that would strongly impact our aspirations.

We help educate aspiring entrepreneurs in collaboration with local colleges, universities, and other educational organizations.

We provide mentorship among members and with local businesses and others who are not part of this network.

We increase membership by reaching out to businesses and other interested people.

We sustain a strong brand identity, online and social media presence, and press relations activities to promote our network and our aspirations.

Monthly LBSBN Meetings