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  • 2020: Long Beach Businesses Issue Statement on Racial Inequity & Support for Change [PDF of press release]
  • 2019: LBSBN worked with Councilmember Pearce to include sustainability experience as a criterion in the search for the new Long Beach City Manager.
  • 2019: LBSBN takes a stand against child detention at the U.S. southern border. [PDF of press release]
  • 2019: LBSBN supports Mayor’s moratorium on new permits for drive-throughs pending review of their impacts
  • 2018: LBSBN supports Measure W [PDF of press release]
  • 2017: LBSBN supports sustaining bike lanes on Junipero Ave.

Sustainability Programs & Centers

Associated Students CSULB Recycling Center

5800 E. Atherton St., Long Beach 90815, 562-985-5461


We pledge to go beyond mere regulatory compliance in order to fulfill these aspirations:

Stabilize Our Climate

We will try to eliminate greenhouse gas emissions from our business operations and make our businesses as climate-resilient as we can.

Clean Our Environment

We will try to eliminate toxic pollution; waste; energy, water and resource overuse; and other types of environmental harm that result from our business operations.

Enhance Our Urban Ecosystems

We will help restore vibrant and resilient urban ecosystems at our facilities and in the wider community.

Educate Our Peers

We will share our knowledge, discoveries, and expertise as we innovate to achieve our aspirations.

Enhance Our Economy

We will actively promote a rich and diverse economic fabric in our local community.

Foster Basic Decency

We will defend, protect, and promote the rights and dignity of our employees and everyone in our community.

Enrich Our Civic Life

We will share our knowledge and values with the public and enliven the civic life of our community through civil discourse.

The Long Beach Sustainable Business network is composed of forward-thinking local business leaders.

Learn more about our members and read their commitments to sustainability.


We are an informal bottom-up Network with minimal structure. Our goal is to foster a growth process that is inclusive, yet efficient, possibly leading toward establishing a formal entity in the future.

We meet monthly to share perspectives, make decisions, and discuss collective actions.

We speak to the local press, elected representatives, city administrators, and our neighbors about our aspirations and selected policy issues.
We identify, explore, discuss, and decide whether to support or oppose public policies that would strongly impact our aspirations.

We help educate aspiring entrepreneurs in collaboration with local colleges, universities, and other educational organizations.

We provide mentorship among members and with local businesses and others who are not part of this network.

We increase membership by reaching out to businesses and other interested people.

We sustain a strong brand identity, online and social media presence, and press relations activities to promote our network and our aspirations.

Monthly LBSBN Meetings